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Medical Imaging & Radiology

Medical Imaging & Radiology

Welcome to the Medical Imaging & Radiology Department of The Iowa Clinic. Our board-certified radiologists are dedicated to providing the highest quality diagnostic and screening services for you and your family. Our medical expertise and advanced technology allow us to offer accurate, timely results in a comfortable setting.

Call to schedule: 515.244.5109

The Iowa Clinic Experience

When you choose The Iowa Clinic, you can be assured a five star experience from the moment you enter our clinic until the moment you receive your results.

  • We have the unique ability to offer you coordinated care through collaboration with your primary care team to your specialists.
  • If our team finds a concern in your scans, your primary care provider will receive a call directly from our radiologist.
  • In most cases, we offer 24 hr or less turn around times.

At The Iowa Clinic, the experience is about you.

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