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Medical Spa


Call to Schedule: 515.875.9755

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9755



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Sciton’s ProFractional is a great option for those considering skin resurfacing because of the minimal down time and excellent results. Unlike full-field resurfacing which removes the entire surface area treat, ProFractional ablates narrow-diameter channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the area. This action initiates the body’s wound healing response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing. Benefits of the ProFractional include: a tightening effect, improving fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone and discoloration, increased patient comfort and shorter healing times.

We perform the ProFractional in conjunction with the MicroLaserPeel for best results. However, other treatments like BBL or SkinTyte can also be used with ProFractional. Your aesthetician will work with you to help decide on the most beneficial course of treatment.

ProFractional treatments are usually performed in a series of 6-8 weeks apart. Recovery usually consists of redness that can last 3 to 10 days.

*A consultation is required for accurate pricing.

ProFractional-XC + BBL

ProFractional + MicroLaserPeel

ProFractional + MicroLaserPeel

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