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Welcome to The Iowa Clinic Podiatry Department. Here, we are trained in the care and treatment of your foot and ankle, complex structures that merit a specialized doctor.

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We’re trained in the most advanced podiatric care to ensure you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

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More Experts Than You Can Count on One Foot

Our team of podiatrists has decades of experience treating all foot and ankle conditions with everything from simple in-office procedures to surgery.
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Custom-Made Orthotics

When inserts are needed to heal your pain, foot and ankle experts craft custom insoles on-site. So you walk out with the support you need.
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Online Scheduling for Quick Access

Resolve your foot pain, take care of ingrown toenails and more, right when you need care.
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The Benefits of Coordinated Care

When communication between medical professionals works like a well-oiled machine, your diagnosis is faster. So you get in to see the right specialists and get on the road to recovery faster.


Primary Care

Family practice physicians focus on caring for the whole family, from Pediatrics to Internal Medicine.

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Wound Clinic (in Podiatry)

NP Kiane Goebel treats head to toe wounds including Chronic Leg Ulcers, Surgical Wounds, Pressure Ulcers, Wounds Not Healing.

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Urgent Care

Our Urgent Care clinics are open seven days a week. Reserve your spot or walk in to be added to the patient queue.

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Are bunions behind your foot pain?

It shouldn’t be a pain to put on shoes. Talk to a podiatrist to see if that painful spot on your foot is a bunion.

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Step up your foot care and injury prevention with these tips.

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