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Executive Health Des Moines

Welcome to The Iowa Clinic Executive Health Clinic. Proactively taking control of your health and well-being pays off not just for you, but also for your family, employer, community and all who depend on you.

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Executive Health Medical Expertise

Expect a high-touch, tailored approach to your health, complete with time in our specially-designed Executive Health Lounge. Your Health Coordinator will serve as your concierge throughout the day and escort you to all appointments.

Core Services

View the list of services included in the Executive Health Physical. These include anything from a cardiac stress test to a dermatology skin check.

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Complimentary Wellbeing Services

This program includes options for complimentary wellbeing services. Each patient will be able to choose from a menu of the below options, depending upon their individual interests.

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Additional Services

Browse a list of additional services that you can add to your Executive Health physical. This includes test, procedures, vaccinations and consultations.

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Back, Heather

Back, Heather, DO

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Cunningham, Kevin

Cunningham, Kevin, MD

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Goff, Levi

Goff, Levi, DO

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Holder, Caleb

Holder, Caleb, DO

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Mohr, Heather

Mohr, Heather, DO

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Monson, Benjamin

Monson, Benjamin, MD

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Palagummi, Narasimha

Palagummi, Narasimha, MD

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Rydberg Freese, Lena

Rydberg Freese, Lena, DO

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