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Comprehensive Physical Exam

An examination conducted by an Executive Health Physician (Internist) that includes:

  • Abdominal Exam – Physician uses a range of examination techniques including tapping your abdomen to detect liver size and presence of abdominal fluid, listening for bowel sounds with a stethoscope and palpating for tenderness.
  • Dermatological Exam – Skin and nail findings could indicate a dermatological problem or disease somewhere else in the body.
  • Extremities Exam – Physician looks for physical and sensory changes. Examining joints can assess for abnormalities.
  • Head and Neck Exam – Physician checks your throat, tonsils, teeth, gums, as well as ears, nose, sinuses, eyes, lymph nodes, thyroid and carotid arteries.
  • Heart Exam – Listening to your heart with a stethoscope, a doctor might detect an irregular heartbeat, a heart murmur, or other clues to heart disease.
  • Lung Exam – Using a stethoscope, Physician listens for crackles, wheezes, or decreased breath sounds. These and other sounds are clues to the presence of heart or lung disease.
  • Neurological Exam – Nerves, muscle strength, reflexes, balance and mental state are assessed.
  • Vital Signs – Indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature are measured.
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