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Scar Therapy

We offer several forms of scar revision which includes laser treatments using our Sciton Laser to help with superficial depth and shrink the vessels surrounding the scar. The treatment of scars is highly individualized. All of these treatments are done in hopes to soften the appearance of the scar or to remove the scar to produce a more aesthetically pleasing look to the scar. Scars cannot be completely erased but these minimally invasive procedures are done so the scar can look more like the surrounding skins tone and texture.

Silicone Sheeting Therapy

A treatment using clear silicone sheets that are placed over a scar to help flatten hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Treatment Massage

This massage can help break up scar tissue.

Z-Plasty & Tissue Arrangement

A procedure during which a surgeon cuts a Z-pattern in the natural line of skin. When it heals, the scar has a softer appearance.

Total Scar Revision

A group of procedures performed to partially remove scar tissue following surgery or injury, or to make the scar less noticeable.

Scar Excision

Procedure in which scar tissue is shaved down and cut out to reduce the size of the scar.

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