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Rezūm™ is a non-surgical outpatient therapy that uses natural energy stored in water vapor to shrink excess prostate tissue causing symptoms such as irregular urine flow, a weak stream, straining or getting up at night to urinate, all while preserving sexual function. There are no incisions, no general anesthesia, and most patients return to regular activities within a few days.

Advantages of Rezūm™

  • Short procedure performed in-office
  • No incisions
  • No general anesthesia needed
  • No permanent implants
  • Preserves sexual function
  • Return to regular activities within a few days
  • Symptom relief in as soon as two weeks

How Rezūm™ Works

Sterile water vapor is released throughout the targeted prostate tissues in 9-second intervals. Over time, your body’s natural healing response absorbs the treated tissue, shrinking the prostate. With the extra tissue removed, the urethra opens, reducing BPH symptoms. Most patients begin to experience symptom relief in as soon as two weeks, and maximum benefit may occur within three months.

Visit The Iowa Clinic Urology Department or call 515.875.9800 for more questions.

Only vasectomy appointments can be scheduled online using the link below.


Please call 515.875.9800 for all other Urology appointments.

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