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Pulmonary & Critical Care

Pulmonary & Critical Care

Welcome to The Iowa Clinic Pulmonary & Critical Care Department. Our physicians and advanced practice providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases and conditions and sleep disorders medicine.

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Find a patient, persistent team to listen to your respiratory or sleep issues, understand your condition and address your needs in the best way possible.

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Personalized Treatment

Patient-centered care means your pulmonary team works with you, your lifestyle and your needs to detail your best treatment plan.
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Collaboration & Coordination

Your full spectrum of needs can be addressed under one roof. Our pulmonary team collaborates seamlessly with other departments to get you the care you need.
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Dedication to Innovation

By pioneering techniques and pursuing the latest education-based advancements, you gain access to better outcomes.
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Lean on pulmonary experts to connect the dots with your broader physician team. Which means you get more time to focus on treatment.

When communication between medical professionals works like a well-oiled machine, your diagnosis is faster. So you get in to see the right specialists and get on the road to recovery faster.


Primary Care

Family practice physicians focus on caring for the whole family, from Pediatrics to Internal Medicine.

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Sleep Center

We provide in-lab sleep study and at home sleep testing for both adult and pediatric patients.

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Dealing with heart-related medical issues can be frightening. In The Iowa Clinic Cardiology Department, our top priority is you. We don't just take care of your heart condition, we ensure your questions are answered and your patient experience is exceptional.

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Ear Nose & Throat (ENT)

Whether it's an ear infection, allergies, snoring or a sinus infection, we can help provide complete ENT care for your family.

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