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Community Support Requests

The Iowa Clinic strives to be a good citizen as well as support the people who live in the communities where we do business.

Requests for funding will be evaluated annually based on the strategic business objectives of The Iowa Clinic with a priority to not-for-profits supporting key focus areas — primarily health and wellness — followed by basic needs.

Due to the volume of proposals received:

  • The Iowa Clinic considers charitable requests on an annual basis. Not all requests will be funded.
  • Applications are due for review no later than September 30 for the following calendar year. Submissions will be reviewed and allocated for approval by Clinic leadership prior to December 31. NOTE: All 2023 dollars have now been allocated.
  • Confirmation of the Clinic’s intention to support will be communicated by the marketing team with additional planning and activation to follow prior to the event date.
  • Organizations may only submit one request per year, so the request should include all events and programs (with individual costs associated per event/sponsorship) using the form below.
  • Please email your request to ticmarketing@iowaclinic.com. Be sure to include the following: Overview of organization and opportunity, sponsorship tiers and deliverables, costs required, specific deadlines for participation and your W9.
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