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Featured Primary Care Is it a Sore Throat - or COVID? Check Your Sore Throat Symptoms Is it a sore throat, strep throat, or COVID? Learn symptoms, remedies, and when it's time to call the doctor. Featured Patient Stories Patient and surgeon run IMT Des Moines Half Marathon just months after heart surgery Five months after a major heart surgery, avid runner Dennis Howard and his surgeon Dr. Komanapalli finish the DSM Half Marathon. Featured Primary Care Learn the signs and symptoms of strep throat and when it's time to call the doctor. Strep throat, sore throat, or COVID-19? Know when a sore throat is more than a sore throat, and when it's time to see the doctor. Featured Urgent Care Help! My Child Is Sick and It's After Clinic Hours An Urgent Care doctor shares tips for when to bring your child in and when you can wait it out. Obstetrics & Gynecology Am I Pregnant? 7 Early Signs You're Having a Baby The signs of pregnancy can show up before the pregnancy test says “yes.” Watch for these symptoms to see if it's time to visit your OB/GYN. Urgent Care The Top Reasons for an Urgent Care Visit Knowing when to go to urgent care can be confusing. Find out what issues are best treated by your urgent care provider. Plastic Surgery What to Expect from Cosmetic Surgery While every cosmetic procedure is different, the process to enhance your appearance is consistent. Family Medicine How to Choose Your Family Doctor With so many doctors in Des Moines, it can be hard finding the right one. Follow these tips to choose the right family physician for your crew. Women's Center Healthy Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer So much is out of your control when it comes to breast cancer. Follow these tips to take back some control and help prevent it. Pediatrics Heads Up! Why Every Parent and Coach Should Know How to Spot a Concussion Head injuries can happen to kids of any age. Your parental instincts are important in identifying the signs of a concussion. Back Pain Clinic What to Expect When You See a Back Pain Specialist Getting to the root cause of your pain takes an in-depth assessment and a dose of patience. Medical Imaging Genetic Testing Helps Calculate Your Breast Cancer Risk With a simple blood test, you can learn if you inherited a gene mutation that raises your chances of getting breast cancer.
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