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Featured Executive Health What Is Executive Health? Executive health helps business leaders carve time out of their busy schedules to prioritize healthcare so they can be their best selves. Featured Pediatrics Pediatricians Answer Your Common Questions Being a parent is hard work. The Pediatricians at The Iowa Clinic are here to make your job a little easier by answering your commonly asked questions. Featured Allergy Allergies or COVID? | Navigating Symptoms This Spring Another year, another round of seasonal allergy symptoms that might be something more serious. If you're experiencing these common symptoms, here's how to know when it's time for a COVID test. Featured Internal Medicine Managing Your Medication Through Coordinated Care Understanding how your medications could interact and how to best manage your prescriptions to avoid any negative interactions can be difficult, but the coordinated care model at The Iowa Clinic makes it easy. General Surgery Act Fast to Relieve Appendicitis and Remove That Problem Appendix This little appendage gets no attention until it gets infected. Then, it needs urgent medical attention. Audiology & Hearing Technology Prescription vs. Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids An audiologist offers advice for finding the right hearing device. Get Care Can Physical Therapy Help with Your Pelvic Pain? When you experience pelvic floor pain, it can hinder your daily life. Find out how physical therapy can help get your pelvic muscles feeling back to normal. Women's Center What Every Woman Needs to Know About Osteoporosis Being female is the biggest risk factor for osteoporosis. Audiology & Hearing Technology There's Not Always an Easy Answer for Your Earache Finding relief for ear pain starts with finding the source of the problem. Likely elsewhere than your ear. Patient Stories Motivation to Move Patient perseveres through difficult time with the help of a TIC Physical Therapist. Breast Health What to Know About Breast Biopsy A breast biopsy can help determine whether a suspicious spot on a breast cancer screening or painful lump needs treatment. We had an experienced physician walk us through what to expect from the procedure. Audiology & Hearing Technology The Hard-to-See Signs of Hearing Loss in Children — And How You Can Help Signs of hearing troubles change at every age. So do the tests to catch them.
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