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Family Medicine 10 Fireworks Safety Tips to Avoid an Accident Since the fireworks laws in Iowa changed, you can light off much more than a pack of sparklers. Practice these safety habits to avoid ending your celebration in the ER. Events On Trial Opportunities to participate in clinical trials. Family Medicine Vaping: A Dangerous Trend Among Teens Inhaling nicotine and cancer-causing toxins through an e-cigarette isn't just un-cool — it's not safe. Primary Care What You Should Do if Someone You Know is Considering Suicide Nobody wants to talk about suicide. Until it's too late. But talking — and listening — saves lives. Patient Stories Prostate Cancer Survivor Continues to Educate and Advocate As men, learn what you can do to prevent the second-most common cause of cancer deaths. Pediatrics Parents Head's Up! No Shot? No School! Effective fall of 2017, there is a new state of Iowa requirement for all children entering 7th and 12th grade to be immunized for meningitis. Request your child's medical records today. Primary Care The Iowa E Clinic Doctors from The Iowa Clinic provide detail into what e-clinics are. Patient Stories Against All Odds As a Baptist missionary, John Leonard has served in some of Brazil's most impoverished areas. In 2005, he was targeted by gunfire and left for dead. His story reflects the power of hope, love, and teamwork. Patient Stories From Botswana, Man Finds Kidneys in Iowa A man from Botswana finds the kidney transplant he needs somewhere he never expected.
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