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Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Welcome to The Iowa Clinic Foot & Ankle Surgery Department. Here, we are trained in the care and treatment of your foot and ankle, complex structures that merit a specialized doctor.


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We’re trained in the most advanced podiatric care to ensure you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

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More Experts Than You Can Count on One Foot

Our team of foot & ankle surgeons has decades of experience treating all foot and ankle conditions with everything from simple in-office procedures to surgery.
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Custom-Made Orthotics

When inserts are needed to heal your pain, foot and ankle experts craft custom insoles on-site. So you walk out with the support you need.
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Online Scheduling for Quick Access

Resolve your foot pain, take care of ingrown toenails and more, right when you need care.
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    Learn more about care options with the Foot & Ankle Surgery department.

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    Learn more about the services and treatments The Iowa Clinic Foot & Ankle Surgery Department provides.

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    Get more information about your upcoming visit to The Iowa Clinic Foot & Ankle Surgery Department.

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    At The Iowa Clinic Foot & Ankle Surgery Department we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of board certified Podiatrists and providers to provide your care.

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    Get details on where to find our Foot & Ankle surgeons.

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    Get the latest Foot & Ankle Department news and information.

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