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Medical Spa

Medical Spa

The Iowa Clinic Medical Spa is dedicated to providing treatments and services that build confidence and enhance natural beauty. We strive to be Central Iowa's trusted destination for Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Aesthetic services.


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The unparalleled professionals of The Iowa Clinic Medical Spa address your beauty and wellness needs with expertise that only comes with decades of experience.

Iowa Clinic Med Spa team


A Medical Approach to Beauty

Our professional setting might feel a little different than your typical spa – because it is. Our medical approach to wellness and beauty means you’re in great hands.
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Your Convenience: Our Priority

You lead a busy life. Convenient online scheduling and free consultations mean you can pencil us in whenever works for you – and not the other way around.
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five star experience

A 5-Star Experience, Each and Every Time

Our staff are consistently recognized for their warmth and professionalism. When you visit us, we guarantee you’ll leave feeling like your best self.
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The Benefits of Coordinated Care

When communication between medical professionals works like a well-oiled machine, your diagnosis is faster. So you get in to see the right specialists and get on the road to recovery faster.


Primary Care

Family practice physicians focus on caring for the whole family, from Pediatrics to Internal Medicine.

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Since your skin is your body's largest organ, it is much more than a protective covering. Keeping your skin healthy is essential to your overall wellness.

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Plastic Surgery

We understand that choosing a plastic surgeon is an important and sometimes difficult decision and we are here to help.

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You do You

We're here to help! From love-handles to bags under the eyes, many of us have something we'd like to alter. The trusted professionals at The Iowa Clinic Medical Spa are here to help.

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Reshape Stubborn Areas

You’re watching what you eat. You’re keeping active. But you’re still unhappy with your body shape. You’re not alone, and truSculpt® 3D might be exactly what need.

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I tried truSculpt 3D for a small area of fat and saggy skin along my jawline, and have been very pleased. The procedure was quick and only slightly uncomfortable. I started noticing a decrease in the fatty deposit around four weeks. I would highly recommend the procedure!
I have been going to the Iowa Clinic for over a year now. I have had ups and downs with my acne and decided to take action and see what I could do to help my skin without going on medications. Jinah provides an excellent service for skin care, guidance, tips, maintenance, and allows you to fully relax for 45-1hr while she takes care of your skin. I highly recommend the microdermabrasion, my pores always feel so clean after, as well as the MicroLaserPeel, LOVE how my skin feels after- it peels for 2-3 days and rids of the old skin while repairing and tightening up what's underneath. Get on over and see these girls at the clinic!!
West Des Moines

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