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Endovenous Laser (EVLT)

This treatment is a revolutionary treatment that can eliminate your varicose veins non-surgically right in the office. After just 10 minutes of recovery you will be able to walk right out, free from your varicose veins and free to return to your normal activities the very next day.

The EVLT™ Procedure deals with the incompetence of the greater saphenous veins. Unlike surgical stripping, EVLT permanently closes off the vein while leaving it in place. It uses the energy from an 810 nm diode laser delivered by a fine fiber-optic probe. As it is only the probe and a slim sheath which need to enter the vein the whole procedure is performed via a tiny skin nick, so there will be no post-operative scarring. The probe is guided into place using ultrasound and the procedure is performed under strictly local anesthetic of a similar type used by dentist to numb the treatment area.

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