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Suprascapular and Intercostal Nerve Blocks

The suprascapular nerve provides sensory innervation to the glenohumeral joint (shoulder). Suprascapular nerve block is indicated for the relief of acute shoulder pain e.g., after shoulder surgery and is more effective when combined with blockade of the axillary nerve. It is also useful for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic shoulder pain secondary to bursitis, arthritis, degenerative joint and rotator cuff disease. Some studies show that blockade using local anesthetic and steroid can alleviate pain and disability in certain chronic shoulder pain conditions.

An intercostal nerve block is an injection of medication that helps relieve pain in the chest area caused by a herpes zoster infection (or “shingles”) or a surgical incision. Intercostal nerves are located under each rib. When one of these nerves or the tissue around it gets irritated or inflamed, it can cause pain.

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