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Articles All the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking Today As soon as you stop smoking, your body begins to repair all the damage. And the sooner you quit, the better your health. Featured Articles The Do's and Don'ts of Discussing Coronavirus With Your Children As the state of Iowa becomes more affected by the spread of coronavirus, it can be difficult to navigate this serious topic with your children. Articles Every Vaccine Your Child Needs From Birth to Graduation Vaccinations help children build immunity against serious diseases — and protect others around them. News Dr. Christina Taylor Helps the Public Prepare for Coronavirus Dr. Christina Taylor, Chief Quality Officer at The Iowa Clinic, shared how the public can prepare for coronavirus and how to take precautions against it. Family Medicine When is OMM Right for You? Some doctors have an extra tool not found in their medical bag — their hands. And it can help everything from pain to asthma. Events On Trial Opportunities to participate in clinical trials. Podiatry Is That Painful Bump on My Foot a Bunion? Bumps at the base of your toes can get progressively worse. You can ease the pain but there's only one way to correct the deformity. Primary Care How to Shake Your SAD-ness and Enjoy All Seasons Winter blues? Bummer summer? When your mood swings with the seasons, you may be more than sad and actually have a disorder called SAD. Podiatry Why Foot Care is Critical When You Have Diabetes Diabetes leads to problems in an unexpected place: your feet. Like with the disease itself, many of the problems are preventable if you follow proper diabetic foot care. Urology A PSA About Getting Your Prostate Checked for Cancer This common cancer grows slowly, often undetected, which makes prostate cancer screening a critical step for men. Sleep Center (West Lakes) Get Ready to Fall Back It's that time of year again — daylight saving time ends and clocks are set back an hour. These tips will help your body clock adjust to the time change. Events TIC or Treat Come trick-or-treat at The Iowa Clinic!

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