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Physical Therapy Physical Therapy During Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the biggest changes a woman's body can go through. During it, you could experience things like back pain, nerve entrapment, and general pain or dysfunction. Physical therapy can improve the function of the body and offer pain relief during your pregnancy. Women's Center What Every Woman Needs to Know About Osteoporosis Being female is the biggest risk factor for osteoporosis. Breast Health What to Know About Breast Biopsy A breast biopsy can help determine whether a suspicious spot on a breast cancer screening or painful lump needs treatment. We had an experienced physician walk us through what to expect from the procedure. Urology Getting Help for Stress Urinary Incontinence Stress Urinary Incontinence is a common condition for women. Several simple treatment options can eliminate awkward accidents. Mammography Common Mammogram Myths — Debunked When your pain is too much to bear, a specialist visit offers relief you won't find on pharmacy shelves. Urology Normalizing the Conversation Around Women's Bladder Health (and Seeking Treatment) Urinary incontinence and other bladder issues affect women at a higher rate than men. It's time to normalize the conversation. Obstetrics & Gynecology Am I Pregnant? 7 Early Signs You're Having a Baby The signs of pregnancy can show up before the pregnancy test says “yes.” Watch for these symptoms to see if it's time to visit your OB/GYN. Women's Center Healthy Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer So much is out of your control when it comes to breast cancer. Follow these tips to take back some control and help prevent it. Medical Imaging Genetic Testing Helps Calculate Your Breast Cancer Risk With a simple blood test, you can learn if you inherited a gene mutation that raises your chances of getting breast cancer. Plastic Surgery Your Alternatives to Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer You don't have many options with breast cancer. But you can choose how to live in your body after surgery. Medical Imaging New Technology Emerges in the Fight Against Breast Cancer The Iowa Clinic is the first in the Des Moines area to offer abbreviated breast MRIs for detecting breast cancer. Medical Imaging Thermography or Mammography: What's Best for Your Breast Health? Alternatives have arisen that provide conflicting information on the best methods of breast cancer screening. But experts agree that there's one clear winner in the early detection of breast cancer.
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