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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment (West Lakes)

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9900

Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm

Patient Information

PLEASE NOTE: You can not use the Online Bill Pay option to purchase medical equipment or to pay your medical equipment bill.  If you would like to pay using a credit/debit care, you may call Central Billing at 888.757.5835.

The West Lakes Medical Equipment Store carries products for the following specialty classes:

Podiatry Supplies

  • Hammer Toe Crest Pads
  • Foam Toe Separators
  • Bunion Splints
  • Amerigel Wound Dressing
  • AliMed Inserts
  • Heel Lifts & Heel Cups
  • Nite Splints


  • Rolling Knee Walkers (Limited Availability)
  • Crutches


  • CPAP & BIPAP Machines & Supplies
  • Nebulizers & Supplies
  • Spacer/MDI Chamber
  • RIPSnore

Self Care Items

  • Biofreeze
  • Remedy Lotion
  • Finger Pulse Oximeters

Orthotics & Orthopaedic Bracing

  • Shoulder Immobilizers
  • Cast Boot
  • Tennis Elbow Support
  • Knee Braces: Hinged, Knee Sleeve & Knee Immobilizer
  • Ankle Braces: Swede-O, Ankle Air Cast & Ankle Lace Up
  • Arm Slings
  • Wrist Splints: Short & Long

Compression Therapy (Juzo & Therafirm)

  • 15-20 Knee High & Thigh High
  • 20-30 Knee High, Thigh High, Pantyhose
  • 30-40 Knee High & Thigh High
  • It-Stays Glue

Maternity Supplies

  • Spectra 2 Breast Pumps
  • Medela Breast Pumps
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