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Approximately 80 million people in the United States suffer from some form of chronic pain, the main type being lower back pain which affects nearly 31 million Americans. Acute pain is generally short lived and the result of tissue damage, the cause is often related to some sort of trauma. Acute pain is usually easier to identify, resulting in a more timely diagnosis and treatment plan. Chronic pain is persistent and often lasts six months or more. Chronic pain can be the result of medical problems such as cancer or arthritis, or it could be the result of a past injury.

The most important step towards proper pain management care is finding a pain management specialist to assist with your treatment needs. The Iowa Clinic’s Pain Management providers will assist in the necessary variety of treatment options. These options can often times include simple changes to your existing lifestyle including diet, exercise and stress reduction. Other times medication or therapy may be necessary. Our team will determine the most appropriate treatment plan that will provide patients with the best possible outcomes.

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