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Holiday Hours: All clinics and the eClinic closed Thanksgiving day and Friday, November 27. Urgent Care locations only open 8am-3pm Friday, November 27.

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Pediatrics 5 Healthy Habits That Help Prevent Childhood Obesity The things you learn as a child can last a lifetime. Teach your kids how to live an active, healthy lifestyle to avoid the effects of obesity. Pediatrics 18 Early Warning Signs of ADHD You Can Observe in Your Children Every kid is inattentive or hyperactive at times. When they show a habit of these behaviors, parents play a big part in bringing about positive change. Pediatrics Manage Your Child's Asthma in the Summer Heat and Humidity Iowa's muggy weather and thunderstorms trigger asthma symptoms. These strategies can help control your kid's condition and stave off asthma attacks. Pediatrics Every Vaccine Your Child Needs From Birth to Graduation Vaccinations help children build immunity against serious diseases — and protect others around them. Pediatrics The Not-So-Sweet Ways Added Sugar Can Harm your Body Sugar supplies a steady source of energy for your body. Too much of a good thing can have negative health effects. Pediatrics What Every Parent Should Know About Cystic Fibrosis in Children It's one of the most common genetic disorders. Yet most parents are unaware of the disease until their child is diagnosed. Pediatrics The Truth About Teething and All Those Remedies for Relief Teething causes some troubles with little ones — just not nearly as many as you think. Use this guide to keep your baby happy and healthy until they have a full, toothy smile. Pediatrics Safe Travels: The Pediatrician's Guide to Car Seats From understanding Iowa law to buckling in your child, car seats are confusing. Follow these five steps to keep your kids safe in the car until they're old enough to drive. Pediatrics What You Should and Shouldn't Do When Your Kid Catches a Cold The common cold is impossible to avoid, especially for children. When your kid brings home the cold virus, follow these tips to provide relief for their symptoms — and yourself. Pediatrics Frostbite FAQ: 5 Things to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe This Winter Too much fun in the snow has its downsides. Here's everything you need to know to protect little fingers and toes from the cold. Pediatrics Is My Toddler Ready to Transition to a Big Kid Bed? The switch from a crib to a bed is an important milestone for your child. When you see the signs your toddler is ready, use these tips to make a smooth crib-to-bed transition. Pediatrics How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media They turn to social apps before they turn into teens. Teach your children to take precautions to protect them on social media.
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