Protect you and your crew from the flu! Schedule your flu shot appointment today. Drive-thru flu shot clinics running Sept. 23 - Oct. 28.

The new Grimes clinic is now open!

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Travel Medicine Clinic

Travel Medicine Clinic

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9190

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9190

Patient Information


Your appointment should occur 6-8 weeks before your travel. You must bring your travel itinerary and vaccination history with you to your appointment.

Call 515.875.9190 to schedule your appointment.

Maintain Personal Security

Travelers should also stay abreast of current events, particularly those that could pose a safety or health problem for travelers.


Review our international travel brochure (PDF) for answers to your questions. You can also review the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travel Yellow Book Chapter 2 or download the app* for iPhone and Android.

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*There may be fees associated with this resource. Please check the App Store or Google Play for further details.

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