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Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

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Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Services & Treatments

Med-Peds physicians, like Dr. Tomlinson, are trained to coordinate care for many conditions throughout patients’ lives.

Such as:

  • Adults who were born with heart defects or developed heart disease as a child may have had multiple surgeries which can dramatically change their anatomy and physiology. A Med-Peds physician thoroughly understands their condition and its effects as they mature.

  • The life expectancy for children with cystic fibrosis has increased significantly, from age 20 in the 1970s to 50+ today. A Med-Peds physician understands and is equipped to treat all stages of the disease and the complications it causes.
  • Pediatric cancer survivors experience long-term effects of treatment, which creates lifelong needs for follow-up care. A single primary care physician who coordinates care – from diagnosis to follow-up – improves overall outcomes.
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